Established 1984

Economics, Finance, and Market Research

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Michael Elliot-Jones, Ph.D., Principal

Analysis and Estimation of Economic Damages related to: Market Research in a Broad Range of Industries, both U. S. and Foreign

About Us

We are a small consulting company, established in 1984 and located in Northern California. We undertake assignments in economics, especially industrial/commercial and environmental economics, in related financial issues and market research. We frequently provide services to law firms. Our methods are derived from mainstream economics and finance and are not susceptible to Daubert challenges. Our combined talents in economics, accounting and finance are unusual because relatively few economists are trained in finance, and the depth of economics knowledge among finance MBAs or CPAs is rarely adequate for critical quantitative analysis.

During the past decade, in addition to our work in commercial litigation, we have specialized in studies of the effects of various disamenities (such as contamination or noise) and amenities (such as rapid transit) on the value of commercial, industrial and residential real estate.  Since the late 1980's, we have studied effects of various environmental factors on owners' ability to sell or mortgage properties and businesses in states from MA to HI. We have undertaken formal surveys of  banks and insurance company lenders to determine the effects of environmental factors on their policies. In many assignments regarding property values we work in tandem with local real estate appraisers. A number of our assignments have involved analysis of damages to shopping center owners stemming from anchor store departures.

Available resources include Ph.D.s in economics and finance all with more than 20 years experience, accountant/EA, staff with BA/MSc economics degrees, and programmer-systems designers.

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